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Turn Your Old Calculator Into A Soundsystem Killer


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Remember sitting in math class plugging digits into your calculator? Maybe you were one of those lucky few to have a calculator in your watch. Well those days are over. The laptop and smartphone have sent those charmingly specialized machines to make mounds in your local land fill.

Fear not, because there’s always a friendly geek out there ready to redact and renew your redundant electronics. Enter this new piece of free software called HoustonTracker 2, which turns your Texas Instruments Graphing Calculator into a chip-tune synthesizer and drum machine. Judging from the video, this app is pretty remarkable: stereo panning? Check. Pulse width modulation? Gotchya covered.

And for anyone thinking, “This sounds like crap, who cares?”, you clearly haven’t heard a one-bit square wave on a soundsystem. Shit destroys. Instant haircut! Shears those follicles right off. Get busy here.