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You're Not Allowed To Enter This Bar Sober

Imagine if there was a place specifically designed to nurture your hangovers: there are comfy places to lie around and watch TV, an assortment of juices and smoothies on tap and a few low-key activities to partake in if you’re up for it. Well, now there is, and it’s appropriately titled Hangover Bar.

Once entrants take a breathalyzer test to prove that alcohol is still in their systems, they’re escorted into an environment the press video above describes as “soothing” and “hydrating.” There are trees, fountains, beds with TVs, an oxygen bar and massages on offer to help you through the pain.

But you’ll probably notice pretty early on in the promo clip that something’s up: all that Innocent smoothie and Foodora product placement. The fact that the bar has a promotional video at all is kind of suspicious. The bar’s slogan—”Dance all night, Matt all day”—explains that Dutch mattress brand Matt created the space as an elaborate branding exercise. But whatever, we still want to go! The only problem is that Hangover Bar is still a temporary pop-up spot, so there are no regular opening hours yet. Learn more by watching the video below.


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