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How Youtube Is Destroying The Music Industry

“YouTube destroys my business and makes money by enabling theft worldwide.” –Steve Miller

You might think that listening to your favorite artists on YouTube is a harmless process, but nothing could be further from the truth. Every time you access one of the free streaming site’s many unauthorized uploads, you’re taking money from artists who are just scraping a living together in this cold and brutal world. We’re talking about people living in abject poverty out of dedication for their craft—people like Deadmau5, Taylor Swift, Paul McCartney, Beck, Kings of Leon, Steve Miller, The Eagles, Van Halen and the courageous music industry heroes who own and represent them.

A new expose in Rolling Stone details how YouTube is unfairly—and perhaps even knowingly—screwing these artists out of their next Lamborghini. Give it a read. It might just make you think twice the next time that you try to stream “Fly Like An Eagle” illegally instead of from some authorized service.

For more information about YouTube’s dastardly ways, please click here.