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Damon Albarn Opens Up About Gorillaz In A New Interview

The animated supergroup’s frontman said that he wanted Humanz to convey “pain, joy and urgency.” 

There’s not much time until Humanz, the hotly anticipated new full-length from Gorillaz, drops in record stores worldwide. In this in-depth interview with Stereogum, frontman Damon Albarn reveals his inspiration for the LP and his primary musical influences throughout the creation process. It’s by far the most revealing discussion that the composer has given to date. “We wanted the record to convey pain, joy and urgency,” Albarn says in the interview. “You couldn’t enter the dark fantasy unless you were going to carry those three superpowers with you…People are slightly more digital. Truth is distorted and manipulated. Glitched, almost.” Read the article in full here.

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Published on 14:26 Berlin time