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Hear How The ‘Stranger Things’ Composers Created Its Legendary Theme Song

On the cusp of Season Two’s premiere, Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon discuss how they created the show’s mesmerizing, synth-heavy theme song.

Finally, Friday October 27 is upon us. That means that it’s time to dive into the new season of Stranger Things.

The Netflix series became an instant cult classic thanks to its cheesy and reverent riffing on the absurdities of ’80s horror film tropes. But just as integral to its success was the mind-blowing, synth-heavy soundtrack composed by  S U R V I V E members Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon. It’s John Carpenter-esque brood and virtuosic synth programming earned the duo an Emmy for “Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music”.

Anyone who has listened to the soundtrack for the second season that dropped last week knows that Stein and Dixon have even more exciting music coming up. On the eve of the new season,  the duo sat down with the “Song Exploder” podcast to break down each part of the Stranger Things theme song, going into depth about its compositional techniques and the idea behind each track’s genesis. It’s the perfect preparation for tonight’s big event. Listen to the podcast here and check out the new season’s soundtrack in its entirety below.

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