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Play This Awesome Photo-Theremin With Your iPhone

The iAbyssal noise machine captures movement on camera and translates it into sound.

The theremin is one of the world’s oldest electronic instruments. Now, however, you can channel the weird, extraterrestrial sounds of this legendary machine using the digital functionality found in your pocket with the iAbyssal, a photo-synthesizer and noise machine for iOS developed by Alfredo Aliaga.

The iAbyssal is an iOS update to the analog photo-synth released by AtomoSynth in 2008. Using your iOS device’s camera, it can alter pitch, filter frequency and resonance. It also boasts an oscillator with square and sawtooth waveforms, a white noise generator and two LFOs which can modulate various parameters of the oscillator, noise generator and filter. Even if you don’t use this as a music production tool, it’s definitely an awesome tool to kill time—and annoy passengers—on public transport. Check out how it works here and get a copy of your own on the App Store site here.

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Published on 14:15 Berlin time