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These Futuristic Headphones Let You Record Audio In 3D

Lifelike Scenes are bringing field recording to a new level by letting you capture multi-directional sound in your environment.

Are you longing for earphones that don’t just represent, but actually capture the richness of the world’s sound? Well a new set of earbuds, Lifelike Scenes, is set to change how the three-dimensionality of sound can be recorded, produced and played back.

Pitched as “the world’s first 3D audio recording headset”, Lifelike Scenes gives its user the power to record binaural sound with incredible ease. The recording technique is usually reserved for professional audio engineers with thousands of dollars worth of equipment, but these earbuds have a built-in microphone that captures panoramic audio on either side of your head. This means that rather than working with flat sound recorded in two dimensions, your recordings will actually have direction, active focus and movement as you travel through your physical environment. Naturally, you can use the Scenes as high-quality earbuds as well.

You can grab a set of the Likelife Scenes earbuds via an IndieGoGo campaign for an insanely cheap early-bird price of $79USD. Check out how they work in the videos below.

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Published on 13:20 Berlin time