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This Vintage Synth Commercial Will Make You Miss 1986

“So you wanna be a rock star…”

Remember when people remembered the ’80 instead of the ’90s? Yes, it’s hard to believe that anyone might have be nostalgic for those last years before the fall of the Berlin Wall, but it was certainly the case for much of the late ’90s and ’00s. It was especially prominent in Berlin’s electropunk and electroclash scenes. Even today, you can still see vestiges of this fixation via the popularity of minimal synth, EBM and gothic strains of techno found in artists like Veronica Vasicka and Helena Hauff.

Another side of the ’80s that’s not around as much these days is the part that was colorful and crazy, as exemplified by the era’s insane commercials. The Casio CZ-101is not exactly the most prestigious vintage synth of all time, but this advertisement paints it out to be a game changer. Give it a watch, it’s worth it for the aesthetic overdose alone.

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Published on 10:00 Berlin time