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This 13 Billion Year Old Star's Got Groove

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There’s a certain indignity making music for stars, when the stars can make perfectly fine music for themselves, thank you very much.

Researchers at University of Birmingham have been busy studying data from NASA’s Kepler missions to determine specific star sizes and their masses, but a happy incidental bi-product of all that research was the sound these stars made. After measuring the acoustic oscillations of stars in the Milky Way’s M4 cluster, some of which are over 13 billion years old, researchers were able to reconstruct the sounds. And unsurprisingly, when you allow stars to speak for themselves, it turns out they have quite a lot to say. Listen to the tracks above or watch the very cool visualization the researchers put together here.

To read an interview with two other space travelers, Jeff Mills and Ólafur Elíasson, follow the link here.