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How A 1983 Ambient Record Became Super Hype In 2017

A New Piece Of Midori Takada’s Exceptional ’80s Minimalist Work Is Being Reissued

Japanese composer Midori Takada tells the story of Through The Looking Glass.

With all kinds of Japanese music currently being re-issued, interest in Japanese music from the ’80s in particular is at something of a high point. For many, Midori Takada’sThrough The Looking Glass was a hot record for a certain kind of collector—the kind who would pay up to €700 for an original copy or would swoop up the highly anticipated 2017 reissue in a heartbeat. In an interview with The Vinyl Factory, Takada tells the story of how an obscure ’80s recording became one of the most sought-after vinyls of the year. You can read the interview in full here.

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