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7 Reasons Why Everyone Should Go To A Techno Club Alone At Least Once

Solitude is bliss.

Everyone knows that it’s fun to go to techno parties with friends. What fewer people know, however, is that it’s just as fun, if not even more fun, to go to clubs alone. That holds especially true for cities like Berlin, where Telekom Electronic Beats is based. Now we know that you probably think we’re crazy, but just hear us out. After all, there are even some advantages to partying during the day. Here are a few reasons why we think everyone should experience this particularly important techno rite of passage at least once.

1. You’ll get past the bouncers 

It’s objectively harder to get past the door at clubs like ://About Blank, Griessmuehle and Berghain if you go with friends. Everyone who lives in a city with tight door policies dreads having to strategically split up a big group into pairs. It’s enough to make even the most seasoned clubber feel a twinge of crippling anxiety. The absolute worst? When you get split up with that one normie friend who put on some mesh and a harness because they thought it was edgy. When you fly solo, your success or failure at the door is entirely on you.

2. You can try new things

Going to the same party every week is boring, but sometimes it’s all your friends want to do. When you go out alone, you have the freedom to go wherever you want. So go ahead and attend that post-terrorcore neo-trap death rave that your friends think is awful. Be selfish! Wear what you want! Listen to what you want! And don’t worry about missing that one person’s pre-drinks party that you never wanted to go to in the first place. Now you can do you like you’ve always wanted to.

3. You’ll meet new people

You love your friends, but as with any human relationship, sometimes a little break can be healthy. Meeting new people is always an adventure, but meeting them when you’re out clubbing is…an extra adventure. When you’re out partying alone, sometimes all you need to say is something as simple as “Have you got a Rizla?” to meet your next bestie.

4. You’ll save money

We’ve all heard variations on this sentence from one of our friends: “I swear I thought I had more money—I think most of it went to the door fee. Can you spot me for the rest of the night?” After a few drinks, chances are high that you’ll forget who owes who what, and chances are even higher that you’ll never see any of that money back to your bank account. If you’re partying on your own, you can spend your money on yourself. You’ve earned it.

5. You can stay as late as you want

You’ve all probably had some experience like this. You arrive at the party and you decide to ease yourself into the night, but your friend, on the other hand, is getting a little out of control. When they finally burn out and want—or need—to end the party a little early, you’re usually forced to end the night with them. When you’re on your own, you can decide when to leave.

6. You won’t get cockblocked

You see someone who catches your eye across the dance floor, and you try to wink and smile. But then your friend cuts in front of you, and now that someone who caught your eye is talking to someone else. Imagine that this didn’t happen, and that after a few drinks you got up the courage to dance closer to them and strike up a conversation. It may not necessarily end happily ever after, but hey, anything could happen right?

7. You’ll feel good about yourself

Thinking about going clubbing on your own is like thinking, “I should go for a run, because I’ll feel good afterwards.” And let’s be honest—sometimes we never actually follow through with these thoughts. But taking time for yourself and going for it is an important part of re-centering and having some quality “me” time. Even if you try it, and it isn’t for you, you can at least be proud that you tried it out! So get your rave trainers on, have a few drinks and cross out your calendar for your next hot date—with yourself.

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Written by Sophie Harkins