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Do You Agree With The Guardian’s New Rules Of Nightlife?

Rule 4: The afterparty can be the main event.

The Guardian—in their own words, “the world’s leading liberal voice”—is hardly the place you’d expect to find the modern rules of club culture. Nevertheless, the UK paper has published eight “new rules of clubbing.”  Have a read at how they try to make sense of the new trends in contemporary dance music.

First, the Guardian focuses on the revival of the free party and rave scenes, popping up around the UK. It’s a consequence, they say, of the closure of many traditional party spots—a trend that the first Night Mayor of London was appointed to prevent.

Alongside the explosion in clandestine partying, is the emergence of safe clubbing spaces. These places seek to eradicate misogyny, discrimination and cater for under-represented members of the clubbing community. Parties like BBZ in London and Meat Free in Manchester are leading the charge. They stack up alongside parties like Room 4 Resistance here in Berlin, who explained to us the impulse behind the need for safe spaces in electronic music.

The Guardian also identified that female DJs are no longer a rarity, and should no longer be treated as such. It’s something that would be pretty clear if you keep an ear to the insanely good female talent that’s emerged in the last few years.

But without further ado, we give you the rest of The Guardian’s rules to think over. Some, you may find vital, while others are suspect. Find the headlines below, but head here to The Guardian to read the reasons behind the rules.

  1. Free parties are the new city-centre superclubs
  2. Having a big night shouldn’t involve unwanted groping …
  3. … and that means everyone can feel included
  4. The afterparty can be the main event
  5. Female DJs are no longer a rarity
  6. If you can’t go out, the dancefloor can come to you
  7. If all else fails, you can sell out to the Man 
  8. Some people’s hedonism involves spacehoppers and ball pits