B-Sides: Digging In The Crates With Cinthie

B-Sides: Digging In The Crates With Cinthie

The Berlin-based DJ selects five tracks from her massive vinyl collection.


Cinthie is a one-woman micro-industry. Beyond being a regular fixture in Berlin’s DJ booths, she also hosts a radio show on Radio Fritz, runs five record labels and operates an online record store called Elevate Berlin.

Considering how prolific Cinthie is, we figured it was more than fitting to have her make a second appearance on our YouTube channel. This week’s video is a new edition of our B-Sides series, in which we ask DJs to provide us with some of their favorite lesser-known jams.

We joined her in her studio where she shared five cuts that range from electro to disco house. Give it a watch above. And if you want to dig deeper, check out our other video that showed why Cinthie is “One To Watch”.

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