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Berlin Government Dedicates €1 Million To Save Its Legendary Club Culture

More cities should be like Berlin.

Berlin is changing. Over the past few years, we’ve reported on a number of new commercial and residential property developments that threaten the club scene as we know it today. Patrons of family establishments and tenants of luxury condos tend to be intolerant of the characters who hang around at 48-hour raves.

But despite the influx of the uptight and well-heeled, the city hasn’t forgotten the benefits that its legendary nightlife has provided. Now its parliament has set up a €1 million fund that will provide money to help soundproof at-risk clubs in the city center. (For some perspective, over 170 clubs have closed since 2011.)

This pro-nightlife approach in Berlin is something that seems in line with a general German attitude that the rest of the world might learn something from. This is, after all, the same place where a court recognized Berghain as an important place of culture.

For more information about the fund, head over to Tagesspiegel. (Non-German speakers, you’ll need to use Google Translate).

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