Listen To Charli XCX And Lizzo's New PC Music-Produced Track, "Blame It On Your Love"

Listen To Charli XCX And Lizzo’s New PC Music-Produced Track, “Blame It On Your Love”

"Blame It On Your Love" flips 2017's "Track 10" into a candy-coated dance-pop anthem.

Charli XCX is shaking up the pop scene once again, this time with help from US pop queen Lizzo.

Their first collaborative single, “Blame It On Your Love”, flips the chorus of XCX’s genre-breaking “Track 10” from the 2017 album, Pop 2, into a crystalline summer weather jam.

Where the original opted for ambient prog-pop maximalism—complete with space-age sound design, MIDI harp and synthetic choral flourishes—”Blame It On Your Love” sits between ’00s-era handclap beats, huge piano chords and a triumphant drop that sounds ripped from Diplo’s playbook—the track was co-produced by PC Music founder A.G. Cook.

It’s undeniably high-gloss stuff, but the charm of “Blame It On Your Love” is how it turns the challenging aspects of the original into an experience that’s 100% driving-with-the-top-down euphoria. Listen to the new version above, and then contrast it with the original below.