Danny Daze's Favorite B-Sides

Danny Daze’s Favorite B-Sides

The Omnidisc boss picks out five scorching electro tracks for our B-sides series.

Danny Daze‘s immense knowledge of electro harks back to his early days immersed in the break dancing scene of his native Miami. It’s an influence that can skill be heard in the DNA of the master turntablist’s sets, which slam Detroit techno together with the harsher, more brittle sounds of the Hague and full-blown Miami bass.

In the first B-Sides episode of 2019, the Omnidisc label head unleashes five of his most treasured tracks on the flipside. The depth of his vinyl collection is on full display, with some frigid minimalism from The Advent and an extremely rare track by The Low Pitched Killers. He also discusses how he uses each track to control dance floors at will.

Like what you hear? Danny Daze’s Pulmotor EP will be released on February 8. You can listen to its first single, “Negative Pressure”, below. Pre-order your copy on the Omnidisc Bandcamp page.

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