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Dior’s New Campaign Stars Depeche Mode's Dave Gahan

The band’s frontman will be the face of Dior’s dark and deconstructed next winter look.

It seems that many fashion houses have been making references to dance culture in recent months, and Dior hopped on the bandwagon in their upcoming 10-year anniversary campaign. “Into The Night” is Dior’s Winter 2017 collection, and true to its nightlife-indebted name, its styles and promotional imagery are redolent of glitched-out, rave-inspired aesthetics. The official campaign images feature deconstructed tailoring, rubber-soled sneakers and stylized metallic hardware. Oh, and they also feature Dave Gahan, the frontman of the ‘80s electropop group Depeche Mode. The fashion house’s design director, Kris Van Assche, loves the ’80s new wave look so much that he’s allegedly referenced it many times in his work for the company, and has even used Depeche Mode as the soundtrack for runway shows in the past.

You can check out Dior’s awesome film featuring Gahan himself below, and see more images for the campaign here.

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