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Dixon Shares His Fashion Secrets And DJ Tips In This New Interview

“People want sex. It’s part of the whole system. It’s a mistake to think one person dominates everything with the music.”

Dixon, perennially rated the most popular DJ on the planet, gives only one interview per year. The Innervisions head honcho is absorbing behind the decks, but he’s an illusive figure in his private life. Despite playing hundreds of shows a year and running one of the most revered dance labels, the Berlin native manages to retreat into absolute musical abstinence for one month per year when he performs Panchakarma in India. “The detox sets all your senses to zero”, Dixon said of his annual break. “You don’t see anything, read anything, no TV, no internet, no entertainment. I couldn’t keep going if I didn’t do it. I don’t listen to music during that time, either. And when I start again in March, I don’t play any music I played before my sabbath.”

This and other fascinating aspects of Dixon’s life have been revealed in a new, far-reaching interview with Ssense. He provides insight into his distinctive DJing style, tips for aspiring DJs and extensive notes on the inspiration he receives from the world of fashion (and from the Belgian fashion designer Dries Van Noten in particular). His connection with Van Noten runs deep; he takes cues from the designer on strategy and ethos and integrates them into the Innervisions label. “He is one of the few who still owns his fashion house. This is also what gives him the strength to resist things. I started out being fascinated by his designs, but then I realized that actually we want to do the same thing. At first it was just a feeling, the certainty came after some in-depth consideration.”

You can see Dixon model some fresh threads and read the revealing interview here. Below, watch a classic interview with the DJ from the EB.tv Slices archive.

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Photo by Christian Werner