Listen To Emptyset’s Percussive And Noisy New Single Made With Machine Learning

"Petal" is a single from the duo's new album made in collaboration with sonic algorithms.

Bristol-based Emptyset, the duo comprised of James Ginzburg and Paul Purgas, have another album coming out on Thrill Jockey. Unlike their last, Blossoms was created through extensive audio training and machine learning. The algorithm that they pulled from collected electronic and acoustic sounds created by wood, metal and drum skins and formed unexpected outcomes as the system collected various samples in unpredictable ways.

“Petals” is the first single off of the album, providing a preview of the pulse-driven, conceptual and heavily-layered sound that defines the rest of the album’s unique sound. They will be performing this new material at a series of festivals this fall, including Unsound Krakow. You can listen to the first track off of the album—which is due out October 11—above.