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A Game That Tests How Well You Know Sampling

Get a deep knowledge of sampling with this challenging computer game.

We all know the theory: everyone is six steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world. But can the same idea be applied to music? People are people, but music, well some genres are like apples and oranges, right? The ever-useful database WhoSampled has gone a long way towards proving that, no matter how unique your taste, you’re somehow connected to some of the most inane music out there. The website has a new game called Six Degrees Of Music Separation that lets you see the connections between any two artists in its massive database.

The test, of course, would be to find two artists who don’t find themselves joined in the musical megabrain, but we found it pretty damn hard to even get beyond four degrees of separation. Even matching Australian sludge-rockers Feedtime and American ambient mastermind Steve Roach only reached four degrees of separation.

So go on, get your sampling knowledge up to scratch and waste a day of work while you’re at it. And if you get burned out, then run through this amazing free sample archive and read about how Kraftwerk accidentally legalized sampling in Germany.

(via FACT)