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How To Get A Better Night's Sleep According To Global Communication's Tom Middleton


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This video recorded at International Music Summit Ibiza 2018 has some unusual tips and tricks from the DJ and sleep science coach.

Last month, our eyes were opened to the power of a better night’s sleep thanks to a particularly interesting talk at International Music Summit and the new Remedy State wellness retreat, also head in Ibiza (see our article about it here).

The speaker was Tom Middleton, a British DJ and artist who—among other accolades—produced with Aphex Twin and co-founded ambient outfit Global Communication.

Nowadays, though, he’s also a trained Sleep Science Coach, and he’s dedicated his time to Sleep Better, a platform and psychoachoustic soundscape album designed to engage the listener and initiate the process of relaxing whilst listening.


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His extensive research and practice has made him aware of the incredible healing properties of sleep — and the drastic consequences it can have on our health if it is systematically reduced or ignored. As a touring DJ himself, he’s particularly sensitive to the burdens the “night shift” places on sleeping well. Fortunately, Middleton has an abundance of tips to kickstart the process towards a more healthy sleep cycle. In the video above watch him present his findings at IMS Ibiza. It’s a must-watch for anyone who wants to bring their social and sleep lives better into balance. Below, are five key takeaways based on Middleton’s work.

  1. Develop a consistent sleep and wake routine. Aim for 7.5 hours, which is 5 full sleep cycles of 1.5 hours each.
  2. Melatonin is secrete between 9pm and 9am. That’s the perfect span to be sleeping. Don’t let the blue light from your devices interrupt its secretion. Scrap social media an hour before bed!
  3. With that extra hour without a phone, practice some meditation or deep breathing. Middleton’s psychoachoustic soundscapes are perfect listening during this phase.
  4. You might be tired in the morning, but try and get some natural light first thing in the morning. Go for a brisk 10 minute walk and train your body to better differentiate between morning and night.
  5. Stay hydrated! It’s amazing what water can do to help you sleep better.

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