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Hear Veronica Vasicka Spin Weird Japanese Minimal Synth In This 2-Hour Radio Show

Hear Veronica Vasicka Spin Weird Japanese Minimal Synth In This 2-Hour Radio Show

The perfect primer to Japan’s ’80s synth underground.

When it comes to uncovering the most obscure gems from minimal synth’s dazzling history, there are few more impressive diggers than Veronica Vasicka. Thanks to her label, Minimal Wave, a wealth of impeccable grooves from post-punk, industrial and wave underground labels have been drawn out of obscurity and back into clubs and onto turntables the world over.

Needless to say, Vasicka is the ideal person to introduce you to the best of Japan’s incredible minimal synth scene from the late-’70s through mid-’80s. Marked by cult labels like Vanity Records and idiosyncratic bands like RNA Organism and Sympathy Nervous, Japan’s underground scene was one of the most urgent of its time, when punk, noise, wave and industrial music were blended together with a snarling, hard edge.

To cover this era of Japanese music history, Vasicka has put together a 31-track, near-2-hour special for Red Bull Radio. Featuring works by classic artists like Mariah alongside obscure private presses and rare records that would make any collector faint, it’s the perfect introduction to a slew of acts from one of music’s most criminally under-appreciated scenes. Listen to the special in full above, and check out the tracklist below.


Sympathy Nervous – Quick StartypeVanity
Mariah – ShonenColumbia
Popsong’s Factory – D’AméjaPillbox
Perfect Mother – Dark-Disco-Da-Da-Da-Da-RunVanity
Kiilo Radical – Denki Noise Dance 4Vanity
Sympathy Nervous – PolaroidVanity
Mariah – Shinzo No TobiraColumbia
C. Memi & Neo Matisse – Dream’s DreamBitter Lake
Morio Agata – SubmarineChop
RNA Organism – Weimar 22Vanity
Isolation – InvivoVanity
Mikan Mukku – Kanガラスレコード
Tomo Akikawabaya – DarkCastle
Stigma – Last Japan DreamAspirin
RNA Organism – Yes, Africa Must Be FreeVanity
Dendö Marionette – Waltz (For Lautréamont)Bitter Lake
Variètè – Good-Night AgeKitchen
Portray Heads – Elaborate DummyKageroh
Situations – AlchemistsSelf-Released
Kiilo Radical – Denki Noise Dance 5Vanity
Sympathy Nervous – A WormVanity
Sympathy Nervous – Anatawa SuguniVanity
Normal Brain – You Are Busy I’m EasyVanity
Plazma Music – Green BrainVanity
Tomo Akikawabaya – MarsCastle
Normal Brain – M-U-S-I-CVanity
Kenji Endo – Aishu No Tokyo TowerBellwood
Aunt Sally – Sameta KajibaVanity
Tolerance – JUIN-IrénéeVanity
Mikan Mukku – ちんダンガラスレコード
Duppi – はつねつのみやこNight Gallery

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