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Listen To The First Record Made Of Concrete

Musique concrète, literally: Ricardo Kocadag has developed a record made entirely out of concrete. Amazingly, it plays on any turntable, as you can see and hear in the video. We would have probably chosen another track (i.e. “Concrete Jungle” by Troy Brown or “Concrete” by The Neon Judgement) but it’s cool to see what’s possible in the world of weird music formats. For more in that vein, check out some of the weirdest releases we found on Discogs here.


Die Beton-Schallplatte in Aktion.So klingt die erste Schallplatte aus Beton. Wir hatten den Erfinder zu Gast im Studio. Wie er auf die Idee kam und was das Ganze soll, erzählt er im Interview auf BLN.FM

Posted by BLN.FM on Tuesday, December 29, 2015

(via BLN.FM)