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This Circuit Board Maps The Entire History Of Alternative Music

This ’50s-style circuit board maps out the history of alternative music from Radiohead to The Ramones.

History may play a big part in the birth of musical genres. But the network of inspiration and imitation that births a style goes much deeper than chronology. That’s why thinking in terms of maps rather than straight lines is often a better way to approach the dynamic history of alternative music.

A designer named James Quail has done just that with this beautiful history of 300 musicians who’ve influenced the direction of punk, alternative and independent music. The kicker? It’s mapped out like an old-school transistor radio circuit board. Starting with The Ramones, Sex Pistols, The Smiths and Joy Division, thee blueprint spills out into a whole host of micro-genres, obscure artists and mini histories. It’s the perfect format to make you appreciate the rich history of bands like Radiohead and Kraftwerk, and the hundreds of connections that bring them together.

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