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Go Inside The Czech Republic's Eclectic Music Underground With This Podcast

neone club prague

There’s a movement towards vibrant experimentalism taking place in the country’s capital.

In recent years, eastern Europe has offered inquisitive listeners some of the most interesting strains of underground music. At the forefront of championing and exposing these micro-scenes is former Electronic Beats columnist Lucia Udvardyova.

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Her Eastern Daze radio show has slowly been uncovering the teeming experimental undergrounds of Eastern Europe—from Budapest to Bratislava and the Ukraine. In her most recent episode, she puts the Czech capital of Prague under the microscope (which we also reviewed in a Prague city guide—you can see the club Neone in the featured photo above).

Joining Lucia as a guest is French-born, Prague-based underground sonic activist RKZ who not only produces his own powerful experimental radio missives, but also organises the Prague Headphone Festival, an open platform for audio enthusiasts. He guides listeners through the beating pulse of Prague’s experimental scene. It’s the perfect way to get clued into a sound world that may have escaped your radar. Listen to the show in full above. You can find out more about RKZ and Eastern Daze here.

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