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The iPhone 7s Has Leaked, And It Will Surprise You

Apple continues to enrage musicians and music lovers all over the world.

2017 marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. You might imagine that Apple would use that opportunity to debut some new groundbreaking design for its flagship device. According to a new leak, though, you are wrong. A Taiwanese source has leaked information about the new phone, and music fans will not be happy. The iPhone 7s is a continuation of the iPhone 7 which means that it also does not have a headphone jack. If the source is correct, then the iPhone 7s will be just a basic iteration of the classic iPhone 6 design with no real updates besides a slightly changed screen. Talk about infuriating. So it seems that we’re all going to have to get used to the headphone jack-less music-unfriendly phone until the iPhone 8 is released sometime in 2018. Hopefully the Cupertino-based megacorp will see the light of day and get music lovers back on its side with a fresh, new design.

What will you do? Will you stick with Apple or will you explore another, more music-friendly option? We hear Android is a nice platform these days.

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(Via Forbes)