Learn How To Have Fun At Clubs Alone With These Tips And Pointers From Techno Reddit

Learn How To Have Fun At Clubs Alone With These Tips And Pointers From Techno Reddit

You already have something in common with everyone else there.

No matter how into the music they are, most people see going out to a club as a social activity, and going alone is a huge step outside of most people’s comfort zones. But there can be huge benefits to flying solo—many of which we detailed in a recent feature about clubbing alone—if you learn to take the first steps.

The clubbing community is a supportive one, and most people that care about the music and the experience of being in a club want to bring others into the fold. It can be intimidating, but heading to the club alone can strengthen ties with the community, making subsequent nights out, with friends or not, even better. Don’t just take it from us, though. The club-goers on the techno subreddit have plenty to say about this issue.

On the benefits of trying to get out of your comfort zone, one Redditor said:

“Going out with friends is fun, yes… but you’re also tethered to them so maybe you might miss out on other stuff.
When you’re solo, you get to focus on the music, merge with the crowd, and enjoy the experience unchecked.”

Answering hesitation and intimidation felt by one of the community’s members, two Redditors also offered advice on how to break the ice at a club:

“I find if I start my evening talking to ANYone, even to someone like the bus driver or the security guy, I become way more social and the initial timidness is lessened. Maybe you can try that out next time.”

“If you ask a few people how they think the DJ made a certain sound or how the reverb/delay/whatever sounds awesome, you will certainly find like-minded people with whom you can talk about mixing/djing/etc. for days!”

Read the full thread on Reddit here. Here’s also something from CBS This Morning that might help you escape your crippling social anxiety. Watch it while listening to “Grasshunter” by Exos, which we’ve embedded below.

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