Mathew Jonson Explains Why The Yamaha CS-60 Is One Of His “Synthesizer Favorites”

The latest episode of our Synthesizer Favorites video series dives deep into an analog classic.

Back in May, we debuted a new video series on our YouTube channel called Synthesizer Favorites. The premise is simple: Each episode features noted producer and gear head Mathew Jonson giving us a detailed exploration of some of his favorite synths.

The latest video features Jonson’s Yamaha’s CS-60 synthesizer, a cult favorite from 1977. Now’s your chance to hear the synth in all of its glory. Is that a little bit of Autechre we hear? Maybe some Vangelis? Watch the video above to hear it for yourself.

And if you like what you see, you should definitely watch the first episode of the series featuring Mathew Jonson’s Roland SH-101. For more videos like this, subscribe to our YouTube channel. We release new videos every Tuesday.

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