Use This Tiny Fog Machine To Turn Any Room Into A Sinister Techno Dungeon


If you use flavored juice, you can even make it a maple-scented techno dungeon.

Imagine turning any space, public or private, into your own personal club.

With the help of MicroFogger, that fantasy can now become a reality. MicroFogger is a miniature fog machine that fits in the palm of your hand—and looks kind of a lot like one of those juicebox-shaped vaporizers people carry around to get their nicotine fix. It features single-button operation and a rechargeable battery, and it requires only a tiny amount of fog liquid to dish out some serious clouds.

While MicroFogger is currently being marketed as a tool for video shoots and performances, we don’t see any reason why it can’t be utilized to set the ambience at your next after-party. Throw on your favorite techno record, maybe invest in a laser or two and you’ve got yourself the perfect miniature rave setup. It may not be Aphex Twin at Coachella crazy, but it’ll do.

So if you want the club vibe without having to leave your apartment, look no further than MicroFogger. Watch the machine in action in the video above, and purchase the MicroFogger here.