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A New Kind Of Digital Contraband For You To Enjoy Illegally

Designs for 3D printed firearms, markets that sell drugs you’ve never heard of, swiped credit card data and more—Let’s face it, if you’re a lover of illegality, the internet is a great place to hang out and commit crimes. If that’s your bag, then boy have we got a great new way for you to get your rocks off.

Introducing Contrascans, an entirely new way to do something illegal on the internet. Contrascanned is an archive of 3D models created from photos and videos that have been stolen from places that otherwise prohibit photography. Each model is freely distributed for modification or printing. So far the collection includes such valuable items as a Hermès Birkin Bag, the Sistine Chapel, the Louvre’s Winged Victory at Samothrace and a whole bunch of NSA facilities.

BRB. We’re going to go print out a bunch of “Collateral Murder” models for the office. While you wait, maybe you should learn how to 3D print your own modular synthesizer and how to make your own turntable.