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OAKE Create A Techno Black Hole

Ferocious Berlin duo OAKE is a vision to behold live, with a sound somewhere between Diamanda Galas and a pitch-black Berghain dance floor. Last year’s Auferstehung LP was a monstrous audio gem, and the pair’s recent Ascetic House cassette Live In Marseille is one of our many favorite things this year.

Now the dark gods have gifted us a massive mix courtesy of Secret Thirteen (one of our favorite mix series originators—including this absolutely perfect three-hour history of goth). A two-hour frolic through ambient, ethereal and doom-heavy layers of techno and experimental music, it’s ideal for those whose particular brand of holiday cheer skews more toward Krampus than Santa. Check that killer tracklist below, then plug in here.


Six Six Seconds
Jar Moff – On How to Lubricate Capitals Effect
Eastern Renaissance – Yucca
Stephanie Sykes – Black Simulation
Mogano – Sycomore
Shift Work – Abandoned Hands (DVA Damas Remix)
Ancestral Voices – La Purga
Stärker – Ashen
Black Rain & Shapednoise – Autonomous Lethality
Akkord- Megalith
AnD – Non Sky Signal Noise (Justin K Broadrick Remix)
Senking – Serpent
Shackleton – Moon Over Josef’s Burial
Positive Centre – The Circled Rib
OAKE – Drittes Buch (Mønic Remix)
Cio D’Or – Now And Then
Grebenstein – AbsenceEP01
Squaric – IM 41012 1
Alhek – Blume00
Sigma Zigurat – Ganglion (R&R Remix)
Szeb – Cenobita
JoyB – PGB (Adversario Remix)
Liss C – Rooftop
Verset Zero – Dolus
Killawatt – Excessive Hyperbole (Mønic Remix)
Zosima – Embryo (OAKE Excludere Remix)
Chevel – Loop #42 (Minor Science Remix)
Der Amethyst – Nacht
Kyle Geiger – Jupiter (Hydrogen Edit)
JoyB – Graces Secret is a Horse
Tommy Four Seven – Third
Bas Mooy – Hawk
SNTS – Theory Of Loneliness
Ascion – Carnival
AnD – Galactic Motion Comp (Black Rain Remix)
Jose Pouj – Regeneration
Ancestral Voices – Sleepless Night, First Light
Artik – Decomposition
Trømmel – Transicin
Ancestral Voices – Selva
Kujo & Hydrangea – Le Silence de deux étrangers
Monochrome – Siren
Circular Ruins – Sudden
Insiden – Le puits et le pendule
NON – Soundtrack 2
NON – And If Thou Will, Remember
Nurse With Wound – Umbrella Link