This Playlist Is Full Of Tracks Shazamed At Berlin Techno Clubs In 2018

This Playlist Is Full Of Tracks Shazamed In Berlin Techno Clubs Over The Past Year

590 tried-and-true club cuts.

If you spend your fair share of time in clubs, you’re probably familiar with this feeling: The set hits a peak, and the DJ slips in a perfect track you’ve never heard before. You whip out your phone and frantically try to Shazam or record the track, holding it above your head or as close to a speaker as you can, hoping to grab a little piece of music discovery on your night out.

Fortunately, one Redditor by the name of weedinjector came prepared, and with the help of Shazam, they frequented Berlin’s best clubs and compiled a list of as many of these set-defining moments as possible—590, to be exact.

Full of tried-and-true club highlights, the playlist is guaranteed to transport you to a night out on a Berlin dance floor in 2018. Check it out above, and if you want a few more focused playlists from this intrepid Berlin club-goer, check out their “ambient” and “Berghain techno” playlists below.

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