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Pre-Order 'Bergnein': The Berghain Bouncer-Themed Card Game

Being rejected has never been such fun.

You may remember that late last year, a certain card game, Berghain ze Gameattracted the ire of Berlin’s most infamous club for its irreverent take on Berghain’s notorious door policy. The card game went viral, and Berghain subsequently contacted the game’s creators, Alexander Kandiloros and Joakim Bergkvist, challenging the legality of the game on copyright grounds.

Despite legal complications—including the shutting down of its Kickstarter campaign—the co-creators have pushed on with the release of the game. Rebranding the card game Bergnein, it is now available for pre-order. Described as “a fast and fun game that mixes strategy and luck, that both non-gamers and game night veterans can enjoy,” players take turns as the bouncer, letting the right people in and sabotaging their opponents. Certain cards manipulate the line order right before letting guests in, giving the game its strategy and variety. Find out more and pre-order the game at the Bergnein website here.



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