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Take A Trip Through Avant-Garde Russian Music With This Mix

Moscow’s Fanny Kaplan mixes 1920s pieces and ’80s punk in an overview of Russian experimental music.

The ever-classy and compelling Lithuanian avant-garde music blog Secret13 added a crash-course on Russian experimental music to its increasingly impressive archive of mixes this week. It was composed by Fanny Kaplan, a self-described (on Discogs) “noise rock/experimental/no wave” band from Moscow, and splices segments from pioneering Russian avant-garde compositions from the 1920s with rough-and-tumble post-punk, no-wave and DIY tracks from the ’80s and ’90s. The result is an impressive and educational hour of rarities.

It’s already one of or favorite Secret13 podcasts, alongside the three-hour lesson in goth history from 2015. Click here to read more about the music in mix and see the full tracklist.

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Cover photo by Artyom Berkal.