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That Awful Whooping Sound In Pop Music Has A Name

The fundamentals of pop music have never been so easy (or annoying).

With inspiration low and conformism at an all time high, one could be excused for suggesting that pop music is going through one of its depraved phases at the moment. In effect, the hopes of pop music been placed on the shoulders of the “millennial whoop.” What the heck is the “whoop”? Quartz have put together a video primer that explains this three-note sequence that’s become pervasive in modern music. From Frank Ocean to Katy Perry to CHVRCHES, learn how the “whoop” has become a surrogate for everything on the emotional spectrum: from emotional heartbreak to feel-good “best-night-of-my-life” party anthems. And for non-musicians out there, don’t worry, the fundamentals are depressingly easy. Watch it here.

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