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The World's Largest Library Of African Music Gets Remixed

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The International Library of African Music (a.k.a. ILIM), an archive established in 1954 with over 35,000 recordings of heritage musicians from all across Africa, has just announced that it will let musicians remix its library for the first time ever. Called Beating Heart, the project brings in the likes of Phil Moffa, Machinedrum and Throwing Shade to contribute remixes for music from “the greatest repository of African music in the world.”

Each album focuses on a different nation’s musical history, and all the proceeds from the record sales will be directed towards a series of local projects in each country. Listen above to hear some original snippets of Malawian music that will be remixed to raise money for developing a G2M program at the Mkunku School in Lilongwe, Malawi’s capital city.

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(via Resident Advisor)