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This Documentary Will Change How You Think Of Kraftwerk


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With bands like Kraftwerk, sometimes you need a comprehensive, global overview of their impact in order to really appreciate the cultural phenomenon for what it really is. Enter stage right: the Kraftwerk & The Electronic Revolution documentary—an extended and detailed insight into what exactly Kraftwerk did to upend music as we know it, and launch it into the future.

The doc starts with the band’s deliciously weird industrial-noise beginnings, before investigating the celebrated 1970s period, before evaluating their immense impact on the development of electro, techno and synth-pop in the ’80s. It will have you digging deep into their formidable catalog once again and finding new moments of pure genius and foresight. And now, you can watch the whole thing above.

Kraftwerk still can’t stop being influential—read about how they helped accidentally legalized sampling in Germany here.