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This Drum Kit Is Made Out Of Cardboard


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They may not look like much, but these cardboard drums make the pleasures of rhythm accessible to everyone.

The old adage that “rhythm is universal” may be true, but sometimes it feels like the hindrances of learning percussion outweighs the joys of the instrument. Size, expense, next-to-no portability, soundproofing and curfews for practicing can all take their toll on an aspiring percussionist’s dreams.

Well this small design company, Obilab Music, plan to change all that with a rather simple but brilliant acoustic drum kit. The entire drum kit—which includes a kick drum pedal and stool, hi-hat, snare and toms—packs up into a single box that can be carried easily by one person. Why? Because the kit is made out of a cardboard frame, rice and tuned fiberglass drum surfaces.

As Tom Tom report, “The ‘snare’ and ‘high hat’ are filled with rice, which gives it a magical prrrrruppp similar to a traditional snare. The white markings all over the kit, which are fiberglass, have nice bounce and ping to them. You can play every single part of the drum and each has different depths and notage.” It takes only 2 minutes for the whole kit to be unpacked and assembled making it ideal for buskers, music teachers and kids who want easy access to the wonders of rhythm. Hop to their kickstarter campaign page to watch more product demonstrations about the kit.

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