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A Synth That Lets You Make Weird Noises From Cassette Tapes!


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The OM-1 combines two of our favorite things, synths and cassettes!

If you’re like us, and you love synths and cassettes, then this OM-1 Cassette Tape Synthesizer is a godsend. It’s a synth that uses cassettes as its audio source material.

It lets you capture that warm, grainy tape hiss that no modern technology can truly emulate. This is definitely one for musicians who want to channel Mellotron textures or capture that ’80s tape-based industrial sound. It could even become an integral part of your GRM-style music concrète freak outs. It lets you sequence and gate the sound of trains, water and conceivably anything into crazy analog melodic phrases.

And as its video testifies above, it sounds pretty darn good, too.

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(Via Ask Audio)