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This Mobile App Plays Music That Matches Your Workout Intensity

Beat match BPMs with your body. 

Good music has always been able to get the heart racing. Now, thanks to two new apps, Weav Music and Weav Run, the speed of your beating heart can actually accelerate the tempo of music in real-time.

Developed by Elomida Visviki and the co-founder of Google Maps, Lars Rasmussen, the Weav apps are the newest frontier of hyper-adaptive music; that is, music that changes form based on data inputs like heart beats per minute, speed or number of footsteps. Weav Run applies the sophisticated algorithm as a motivational tool for runners. It is programmed to produce endorphins in the brain as music keeps apace with the runner’s speed in order to let them reach new heights and personal bests.

In effect, Weav “beat matches” music to your being. In doing so, it potentially opens up entirely new technical and compositional aspects to music. If a track can be algorithmically modulated from 10 to 260 beats per minute, with certain melodies, beats and breakdowns only registering at certain thresholds, then the symbiosis between music and biology becomes a new approach to music production. It effectively inverts the traditional position of music, whereby the listener resides “inside” the track’s atmosphere or emotional landscape. Instead, music adapts to the body’s status and attempts to enhance or intensify this state.

It is expected that adaptive music will soon become a regular feature of video games, virtual reality and dance apps, signalling a radical change in the way we will experience cultural products. Weav Run is available now and can be downloaded here.

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