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Too Wasted To Remember Concerts? This Website Can Help

You’ll remember everything now!

A lot of things get lost to the fog of time. That goes double for events experienced while inebriated, which is most things related to music. For instance, did you really spend all weekened at Berghain four years ago? Were you there when Fiedel closed? Who knows? Probably not you, considering the circumstances. Fortunately, Concert Archives can help you log, catalog and remember all those things you went to so that someday you can look back and say, “I went to that,” and know that you really did.

Alternatively, you can also forge a whole profile to make yourself look a lot cooler if you happen to be the kind of person who consistently can’t get into the clubs you want to get into…

The website lets you add certain shows to your profile, and it’ll automatically populate setlists, photos and videos plus give you similar listings to look at. Cool? Yes. A little bit creepy? Not in the future we’re headed towards, baby.

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