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Check Out This Award-Winning Toy Piano Synthesizer Hack


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Stop looking at the darn Korg MS-20 Mini through the shop window and get yourself back into the workshop, because this legend (or nutter, depending how you look at it) has hacked a junk toy piano into a completely polyphonic synthesizer with MIDI compatibility and velocity response. The engineer won first prize at the Element 14 Music Tech competition for a design that includes retrofitting the Maximillian synthesis library driver on top of the piano’s frame, applying touch sensitivity to the piano’s keys and even giving the synth knobs that matching ivory surface sheen that just screams class. That Debussy remix you’ve always been dying to make has just become a little more realistic…

To learn how to make your own synthesizer with other everyday items and electronics, read further here, here and here. Or you can just 3D print a modular.

(via Hackaday)