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Trevor Horn Explains How The '80s Changed Dance Music Forever

Sit down and strap in for a fascinating 3-hour radio special on one of the most influential dance music producers of all time.

Few people have established a sound as distinct as Trevor Horn. In fact, it’s hard to imagine ’80s synth-pop or even modern dance music without him. Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Art Of Noise, The Pet Shop Boys and many others all benefited from his forward-thinking production genius. Add a Grammy Award for his work on Seal’s “Kiss From A Rose” and you have yourself one of the most important musical figures of the modern era.

Needless to say, the guy has quite a few stories to tell. And now you can hear some  of them thanks to this episode of crate digger extraordinaire Trevor Jackson’s NTS Radio show, which features an incredibly deep three-hour conversation with Horn himself. The result is a fascinating look into how Horn’s production processes influenced the direction of dance music (and even pop) today. Listen to it below.

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