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How To Turn Your MicroKorg Into An Awesome Customized Synth Module

Cut that Korg down to size.

Do you have old, disused synths gathering dust in a closet somewhere? Just because you’ve moved on to better, more high-tech, pieces of gear, that doesn’t mean you can’t upcycle your old instruments for a more modern studio context.

Check out this awesome DIY synth hack by Stéphane Caviglioli. After the keys started to give way, Caviglioli modified his Korg microKorg synthesizer by literally cutting the keyboard off and re-panelling it into a stand-alone synth module.

As he details over on the CavisSynth website, the modification can be competed in six easy steps:

1. Disassemble the synthesizer
2. Unplug and remove the keyboard, pitch and modulation
3. Cut to the cutter at the edge of the front edge of both sides
4. Cut the bottom cover to raz the screw holes
5. Reassemble everything
6. Cut a plate for the front and fix it with small recovery screws

That’s a nice little weekend DIY activity for you, now isn’t it?

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