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The Ultimate Guide To Buying Technics Turntables

Know your product.

There is a reason why, ever since landing on the market in 1972, Technics SL-1200s have become the DJ turntable of choice. You’ll still find the silver SL-1200s—and the matte black 1210s—littered throughout eBay and online second hand retailers to this day. But if you’re looking to grab a pair, how do you know you’re getting a good deal? How can you ensure that all the individual mechanisms are functioning properly before you throw down on such a big investment?

Luckily, The Vinyl Factory has compiled this amazing step-by-step guide to guarantee that you snag the best pair of Technics possible. It covers all the basics, like how the pitch control or anti-skate mechanism should operate. It also explores the most valuable generations of the 1200s since 1979. Check it out here.

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