Get Into A Twisted Techno Vibe With This Mix By Discwoman-Affiliated DJ, Umfang


The New York DJ's stinging set was captured by Boiler Room during her recent visit to Sydney.

Over the years, Discwoman has been a guiding force in bringing to light amazing musicians and DJs from underrepresented areas of electronic music. But if anything, it is one of its founding members, Umfang, that remains one of the collective’s fiercest techno talents.

Her recent mix beamed direct from Sydney via Boiler Room reaffirms just this.

Channeling the tunnelling futurism of the ‘90s, the New York-based producer serves up an hour of twisted techno and scorched electronics. 

Effortlessly shifting between spiralling hypnotic melodies and muscular big-room sounds, the mix showcases the bumping—and undeniably fun—energy that also stamps Umfang’s own productions.