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Watch Amelie Lens DJ A Set Of Tunneling Techno Heaters...Inside A Tunnel


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An hour of tripping techno from the respected Belgian DJ and producer.

Amelie Lens has played a lot of places since she recently exploded on the scene, but somehow her DJing in a tunnel seems particularly fitting. After all, across a slew of releases—initially for Second State and, more recently, Lenske Records—the Antwerp producer has shown a knack for making stripped-back, concentrated techno grooves perfect for long, bleary-eyed travels into the vortex.

Lens’ DJ sets are likewise tightly mixed, head-down affairs: dark and condensed, nudging themselves onto the next beat and phrase. Her recent hour-long set live in the Tunnel—a project from Studio Brussels radio—has all these qualities in abundance. Perched inside an illuminated room, Lens rips through some tightly coiled techno and modern acid perfect for the alleys of your mind. Watch it in full above.