Telekom Electronic Beats

Watch Highlights From Gorillaz's Album Showcase In Cologne

Relive the magic of the night and discover the tech behind the band’s first ever 360 video live stream

On June 20, Gorillaz and Telekom Electronic Beats made history by presenting the band’s first ever 360 video live stream. A technical feat, it let fans from all over the world watch the band’s performance at Cologne’s massive Palladium concert hall. The show was the culmination of a four-date album showcase series that saw the group play their new LP Humanz plus a few old classics.

Telekom Electronic Beats will soon release the full show to watch on demand in 360 and 2D so that fans can relive the night in all its glory. To prepare you for that experience, we’ve just created a new video that goes behind the scenes to reveal the futuristic new tech that made it all possible (it also shows off some amazing moments from the night as well). Give it a watch below, and stay tuned for more information about the on demand video.

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