Watch This Laser-Powered Mirror Sculpture Make Trippy Futuristic Music

Watch This Laser-Powered Mirror Sculpture Make Trippy Futuristic Music

The Espills is Playmodes’ awesome new installation.

Large scale audio-visual installations and sculptures are becoming increasingly prominent at festivals and galleries around the world. The intersection of visual art and sound design has incredible potential to create immersive environments to boggle the mind and body alike.

Espills, a new laser-based sculpture-instrument hybrid, is the newest addition to this burgeoning field of research. The multidisciplinary, Barcelona-based Playmodes crew built many of the sculpture’s components themselves, including robotic mirrors, light drawing tools, synths, scenery and even the laser modules. The result is as impressive as their meticulous engineering and scientific approach to development. Beautiful beams of light fracture into cosmic shapes and clusters, perfectly synchronized to a sparkling hi-tech soundtrack that sounds like it’s being beamed directly from the future.

Check out the video above to see the Espills in action. Read more about the ongoing project at the Espills website here, and read an in-depth piece on the sculpture on CDM here.

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