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The World Would Be A Better Place If Car Horns Made Duck Sounds

Researchers have concluded that this is the ideal way to alert people to possible danger.

Researchers in Seoul, South Korea have concluded that people want to be alerted to danger on the road by the sound of ducks quacking. Yes, you read that right.

Professor Myung-Jin Bae and a team of researchers at Soongsil University surveyed 100 pedestrians and discovered that the least stressful sound that still alerted them to danger was the sound of ducks quacking. Which kind of makes sense if you think about it—they do have a friendly but noticeable tone. A number of different sounds were rated for loudness, friendliness and effectiveness and an average score was taken in which the duck came out on top. Interesting as this research is, we don’t expect to see duck sounds installed on the new Teslas anytime soon. But it is an adorable idea. Read more about the study here.

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